Pizza Things Happen, Enjoy Them


Every once in while you get a pizza with something unique – a folded slice, a rogue piece of basil, an teeny tiny corner piece, an oddly shaped slice, you know what I mean. Some of these surprises can be mistakes and some are just coincidence or human factors – good pizza isn’t made by robots so these things happen. Enjoy them.  

Don’t get upset, plot your one star review, or call for the manager. Take a second to appreciate and maybe think about how or why you got lucky. Celebrate these nuances by being the first to grab that slice. You can get the “normal” piece on the next one.


Listen, of course if the pizza is upside down or spilled all over the box that’s obviously a different story. That’s not what we’re talking about. I’m talking about a nicely done pizza that shows some signs of character or tells a little story.

For example, I would love to be in Naples, get a pizza “per portare via” (to takeaway), open the box and find a folded over edge like the one above. It speaks to the pizza culture in Naples and says this is how we make our pizza. We do it by hand and don’t have a stencil. Sometimes it fits in the box, more often it doesn’t. It is what it is. Enjoy.


Or how about this one from La Morra mobile pizzeria in L.A. I could see that rogue piece of basil being the highlight of my night. It’s not every day you get a piece of basil in a bite with just crust as it’s usually in with the cheese, sauce, and other toppings. Maybe this one fell out of the pizzamaker’s hand, or caught a little breeze during topping, or maybe it shifted when it got launched into the oven. Who knows, but I appreciate that the pizzamaker didn’t feel the need to correct it. It adds character and makes for a one-of-a-kind bite. Play it as it lies!


Finally, if you don’t think I’m fighting to get this tiny corner then you haven’t been paying attention. Look at this little guy, it even has some pep on top! I’m snagging it and tossing it into my mouth as a little snack while I choose my next slice. Might even try getting some height under it when I toss it.

These are just some examples of what you could find on your pizza. Others include a big air bubble, or that tiny triangle piece in the center when the cutter’s geometry is a little off. Both of which I’m fighting for. So enjoy these instances and go for that unique slice. Jump on it and consider yourself lucky. It doesn’t happen all the time.