Pizza Expo Swag


This past week I was in Atlantic City for the Pizza & Pasta Expo and Caputo Cup, and it was truly special seeing Forza Pizza swag scattered throughout the convention center. We'll get into the show details in upcoming posts, but first I just want to personally thank all those who were wearing our products. Hands down the best dressed pizza peeps in all of Atlantic City! Thank you all so much for sporting the best swag in pizza at one of the biggest events in pizza. Really appreciate it.

Pictured above is Peyton Smith from Mission Pizza Napoletana rockin the signature Forza Pizza snapback. Keep scrolling for a few more swag appearances:


David Lee, AKA Pizza Jawn, with the graphic emoji T, and me, Alberto, in the Pizza Police sweatshirt.

IMG_4539 (1).png

Anthony from Marra Forni flexin' the graphic emoji T!


And my man Frank from Orlando Foods, with the rare, sold out, emoji pocket square. Classy!

Apologies for the Instagram story screenshots. There is a lot going on at these tradeshows, and it is not always easy to stop and pose. Thanks again to everyone who rocked the FORZA PIZZA SWAG!!