Show Me Your 'RONI CUPS!


Since we pride ourselves on being able to say "we got swag for that!", it's only fitting that we cover the latest pepperoni trend - 'RONI CUPS! Those pretty little charred and cupped pepperoni that have been scattering themselves all over pizzas and Instagram lately. These little mesmerizers have a lot of people clammoring for more and crying, SHOW ME YOUR 'RONI CUPS!
If you're one of those people, we got swag for that. And now, a brief overview of the 'roni cup...
Probably the joint most responsible for proliferating 'roni cups is Prince Street Pizza in NYC. As you can see, they're extremely generous with their 'roni which makes for a very visual, graphic, and unique pizza. It also made them the creators of probably the most photographed pizza in the world. Pretty much everyone has seen their 'roni cups, and it didn't take long before we started seeing them cup up at other pizzerias.


But why all of a sudden is pepperoni cupping? Are pizzerias doing something special? Is it a new product? And wtf, why don't my 'ronis cup? These are all valid questions and, to answer them, we turn to the company largely recognized as the go-to supplier of cupping pepperoni - Ezzo Sausage Company. Founded in 1978 and located in Columbus, Ohio, the Ezzo family cases their pepperoni in collagen. The pepperoni is sliced with the collagen casing still on and, during cooking, it shrinks and causes the pepperoni to cup up giving it that distinct look and making it the perfect grease and flavor collector.

The 'roni cup craze has made Darren Ezzo a very busy man, just check The Leaderboard and you'll see him comfortably in third place with several badges to his name! Chances are, where there's pepperoni, there's pizza, and where there's pepperoni pizza there's Darren with his camera.

large (8).jpg

Finally, the 'roni cup craze has even invaded our homes! Just check out TommyS25's beautiful Detroit style pizza with a nice scattering of 'roni cups. Great cupping, great char, and great looking pizza. Thank you, Tommy, for SHOWING US YOUR 'RONI CUPS!

tommyS roni.jpg