This Pizza Gives Me Anxiety

Following La Morra and their mobile pizzeria on Instagram might be bad for my health. Every time I see this beautiful pizza my body tightens up, then I get overly anxious, then I get terribly sad, then I start California dreaming about the chill-trendy pizza events these guys put on and how and when I can get to one. It's the same emotional cycle each time I see this burrata and ramp beauty with black pepper, olive oil, and lemon zest.

I'm not even a big white-pizza guy either. I usually always opt for sauce, but for some reason I've totally fallen for this pizza... hard. I've even slid into their DM's confessing my love with hits like "hurts so good" or just "omg". La Morra, I understand you might think I am creepy and may not feel comfortable with me stalking your pizza, but please know I am harmless.

Some more on La Morra, in a non-creepy-just-research-their-website kinda way. Zach Swemle and Marlee Blodgett met in the NYC restaurant industry in 2013. Their experience and love for Neapolitan pizza led them to Charleston, SC, where they built a custom brick-oven trailer in their backyard and a naturally leavened dough recipe in their kitchen. After slinging pizza all over the charming city, they made the leap to L.A. last summer and have been taunting all non-residents ever since. They're clearly killing it, and I can't wait to get out to L.A. and try this pizza once and for all!

For now, though, here's to hoping this write-up will help me deal with it. If nothing else, it's making me realize we need to carve out some Forza Pizza space for the mobile pizzerias. You can't truly add them to the map because, well, their mobile, but these guys really hustle and make bomb pizza. I'll think about it.