The Canotto Controversy


And just like that we got another pizza war on our hands. Move over Chicago vs. NYC, and the "deep dish pizza isn't pizza" argument (which is completely bogus btw). There's a new war in an old place - Napoli. Yep, the birthplace of pizza. Weird right? Aren't they pretty strict over there? Isn't their basis for pizza Napoletana pretty well established? What interpretations of pizza do they have to argue about? And who in the right mind is challenging pizza traditions in the place where it was created?  

Enter, the CANOTTO!


Let's start with the literal translation of the word - in Italian CANOTTO (say 'ka-no-toe') refers to an inflatable dinghy, raft, or life-boat. So you see that "inflated" cornicione (crust) above? That's a canotto pizza! Or picture something like this. Understand? So now, some very popular pizzerias are floating their canottos all over Napoli and this new style pizza is has caused quite the debate with pizza purists. Some won't even call it "pizza Napoletana", as their definition is more traditional, strict, and like these guys:


So on and on we go. What do you think? Do you say yes or no to canotto? Have you had one before? You like it? Think you might like it? Or maybe you're a pizza purist and don't like change? You say no to canotto? 

Of course, Forza Pizza promotes and celebrates all styles of pizza...but we also like to get a conversation going and instigate a little! So we made a tshirt of course. It's actually a pretty controversial one as multiple Neapolitan pizza-makers have told me they're afraid to wear it in public! Don't worry, if you don't say no, I got a red permanent marker I can add to your order and you can scribble a big "DON'T" in front of it!

...but regardless if you are pro canotto or not, you at least now know the difference. FORZA!