I'll Break a 5 for That!


"Ya, let me get a large pepperoni, the ravioli, a salad, 2 cannoli, and 2 coca-colas."
"Ok pal, that'll be $4.80"
"Here. Keep the change..."

I found this in my basement the other night and I thought it was worth sharing. It's from Porretta's in the early 1960's. It's always fun to see the evolution of a menu. They even advertised the air conditioning at the top of the page! Today, over 45 years later, that same meal will run you about $36 (large pepperoni - $14.50, ravioli - $10.95, salad - $3.00, two cannoli - $6.00, two diet cokes - $1.60) which is still very reasonable; dinner for at least three people for under $40 is hard to find.