Welcome to the New Forza Pizza


I am a pizza obsessive so I sought professional help.  Forza Pizza has been professionally redeveloped and re-branded into an interactive map-based pizza network.

Gone are the days where I post a couple times a year about my own pizza or random pizza experiences.  We're going inside any and every pizzeria in the world, and with your help there will always be action on Forza Pizza – newly added pizzerias, a prestigious list of featured places, detailed information on each location, and the ability to interact with fellow pizza lovers through the site and social media.

As a single-topic site, Forza Pizza slices through the mind-numbing clutter on general food sites, blogs, and the big-name review sites.  Stop reading why a stranger gave two-and-a-half stars because there was a typo in the menu.  Pull yourself away from the food blog that takes six paragraphs to describe a burrito.  And definitely don't waste your time understanding a "simple" recipe involving a sous vide machine and saffron aioli.  Simply arrive at Forza Pizza's interactive map and be immersed in pizza even before your first click.  Use the map to search pizza near you, skip to other parts of the world, or even plan pizza crawl.

Have some pizza galleries of your own?  Share your slices and upload them!  As a community, we will create a pizza portfolio that spans the globe.  Everyone can be a contributor to the map, not just me.  I am only the editor.  So next time you order or go out for pizza don't forget to snap some photos (always include a booty shot!) and share them with the rest of us.  All you need to upload is the pizzeria's address and, as a mobile-friendly site, you can post from your phone before your pizza even cools down.  With great content and a high-powered map, the possibilities for Forza Pizza are endless.  I can't wait until I need to reformat the map because it's covered with red icons.

Those of you who remember the old Forza Pizza, I hope you like the change and stick around.  To those new to the site, thank you for coming and welcome to the family.  This relaunch only scrapes the surface of Forza Pizza's capabilities as new features and applications are constantly in the works. I am excited for launch and I look forward to seeing everyone's usernames, submittals, likes, and comments.