Pizza Home Improvement pt. II


Here's something to do while you wait for the oven to get hot. Take your pizza peel, a drill, and a bit and start making holes. Now, when the pizza slides off the peel so will a lot of the flour. There's nothing worse than biting into a slice and getting a nice flour patch on your tongue. If you want to lay out the paddle with grid-lines you can definitely make it look a lot nicer. My excuse was I had to use the peel shortly thereafter and didn't want any sharpie or lead on my peel. I just started making holes, and before I knew it was time to cook. Next time I'll finish it off. It was real nice seeing the flour fall right through. A perforated peel, one of the finer things in backyard pizza.

One thing to note is that it's worth trying to make the smoothest hole possible. You don't want rough edges causing a pizza to snag on its way off. If you got a grinder to smooth it out then that's even better.