Memorial Day 2012: Puffed Out


I think it's important for me to try and improve my dough recipe every time I fireup.  There is no way I'm making perfect pizza which means there is no reason not to experiment - sometimes aimlessly.  This iteration, as you can see, produced a puffed-out and airy crust mainly due to the increased amount of water.  Probably too much.  The dough was extremely sticky making it hard to stretch, and some of the pizza's insides were so moist they weren't able to cook all the way through.  No big deal, it's just another step closer and the pizzas still tasted good.  Lesson learned = successful experiment.  


Below you'll see some of the highlights of the day.  The first one being the broccoli and kalamata olive pizza which was my favorite.  The uncooked broccoli sits in the ingredient tray seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper, and comes out of the oven lightly cooked and with charred florets.  A sparing amount of kalamatas are able to cut through and provide a little flavor kick.  You'll also see a "Panuozzo", which is a large pizza-dough-based-sandwich.  The only cooked part is a stretched, untopped doughball which is slced longways and topped with some goodies.  Depending on the cheese, I'll throw it back in the oven to let it melt. It was a nice little change of scenery.